Color of the Month: Hunter Green

by Quinn Larson

Reminiscent of an evergreen forest, hunter green is an ideal hue for the holiday season. Although its saturated tones make a bold, sophisticated statement, its ties to nature keep this color casual and approachable. Rich jewel tones have been popping up on fashion runways for years, so it’s no surprise that these darkly glittering hues have made their way into our homes.

Moody interiors have been on the rise for the past few years. Even Scandinavian design, a reigning source of interior influence, has replaced white, airy spaces with deep slate, hunter green and pitch black.


In most spaces, we’ve seen grey becoming the new go-to neutral wall color, but in an increasing number of homes and commercial environments, midnight blue, verdant green, carbon grey and rich burgundy are being used to make a statement and showcase specific objects or collections.



In modern homes, hunter green is a great way to add depth and a sense of comfort to your space. Its dark shadows provide a rich background for clean lines and allow key architectural details to take the spotlight. Whether your chosen hue leans more towards inky blue or lively sage, hunter green pairs beautifully with modern materials like chrome, concrete, white, black and raw wood. When choosing your decorative accents, lemon, aqua, lime, bright white, taupe, slate and whiskey brown are all up for grabs.



In a traditional home, deep emerald or oceanic-tinted greens are a unique, luxurious choice for walls. To make this hue the focal point, accent with cream, airy blue, and chocolate.



If you want hunter green to take a backseat in your classic space, opt to decorate with gold, mustard, slate, navy, brass, mauve or a touch of citron.



If painting your room isn’t in the cards, add hints of this luscious hue with a decorative pillow, accent throw, houseplant or small furniture piece. Hunter green is a classic color choice and ensures that whatever decision you make, you’ll appreciate it for years to come.

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