Color Inspired Egg Hunts

by Quinn Larson

Looking to do something a little different for your Easter egg hunt this year?  Rather than your usual helter skeltering of the eggs this year, how about some color inspired themes?

Follow the rainbow

This is a fun way to teach your kids about color order and increase the challenge level of your egg hunt a bit.  Most of us know, from our crayon based, instructional, course work in kindergarten that a rainbow is made up of 6 colors in a particular order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet.  Hide eggs in each of these colors in your hunt area with instructions that the hunters need to find a rainbow of eggs before they can receive their baskets.  If you have multiple kids you can break up the responsibility to test their color knowledge, such as designating one to cool colors, and the other to warm.  If they are ready for a greater challenge add in tertiary colors such as magenta, yellow-orange, aqua, and indigo.

Designated Color Egg hunt

This is a great one for kids that are different ages and at varying levels at egg hunting skill.  To make sure the hunter of greater ability doesn’t hoard all the egg booty, designate each one a specific color to find.   You can hide these eggs in places that suit the level of their hunting skill to keep the hunt interesting and fair.

Easter egg color check list

For older hunters that are looking for a bit more of a challenge, you may want to try an egg color check list.  Make a list of your egg colors, and fill in a quantity to be found next to each one.  Task your little hunters to find the color and numbers listed.  Adjust the search difficulties for certain colors, so younger, less experienced hunters can find their designated quantities easier than those who are more experienced. When the check lists are complete reward their hard work with bountiful baskets of goodies.

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