Classic Camel

by Erika Woelfel


Ok, so the above pic isn’t really a camel, but the llama is dreamy and it does have the same creamy fawn-colored fur as a camel! This seasonal classic is one of the first hues to signify that fall is on its way, so time to get it out of the closet! Camel has now been updated across a range of tones ranging from light blonde to deep cognac. The versatility of camel is legendary;  I would almost call it “fool proof.” It can best be described as a rich, golden neutral. Sometimes it is light, sometimes dark. Most often it is golden in tone, at other times it shows a dusty-gray base. It finds harmony with brown, rust, black and white. It works well with taupe, gray and olive. Its favorite complement is blue. Splashes of bright red give it energy. Some folks think it is casual, but I prefer to think of it as a classic chic color.

Like the animal itself, camel can go a long, long way. You can use it in every room, on every wall, although it is just as effective when given “accent color” status. Modern decor feels softer with white walls and soft-gold textiles. Traditional rooms (that can sometimes feel too heavy) feel more relaxed when camel is present. You can’t go wrong using it for for transitional areas when you need to connect two rooms using brighter colors.

Camel is a ward robe staple for both men and women because it is so easy to wear with other colors. The camel trench is a must going into Fall. A men’s camel jacket worn with jeans has a kind of ’70s hipster vibe.


Because it is such a versatile neutral, camel can easily be incorporated into any decor scheme. It can be eclectic, casual, traditional or global. Camel textiles in these rooms give pure white walls and black furniture a precise and modern look.

Formal looks can be inviting. Camel-gold on the walls and a warm reddish tone on the floors keep the warmth in the room. Dark polished furniture maintains a high degree of elegance. White trim is essential for keeping the lines crisp.


Camel is complex: Here the sofa takes on a cool taupe-gray tone. The room is warmed with cream-white walls.



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