Boxing Day Holiday Reflections

by Nancy Bollefer

The Christmas season infuses our senses with magic.  Twinkling, sparkling lights and beautiful, glorious colours are abound.   As a little girl, I so enjoyed the days leading up to Christmas, as I sat underneath the tree mystified by the splendour of all the ornaments and elegantly wrapped gifts.  And, on Christmas Eve, it was as if a silence fell upon us, a calm, tranquil stillness, where everything was perfect, for a short while.   Our tradition was to open just one gift on Christmas Eve, around midnight and although I was bursting with excitement, I took great care untying the ribbon which adorned the parcel, while trying to preserve the glittery gold wrapping paper.  And the same holds true for the season, I wanted the magic to last.  But, before I knew it Christmas Day and all the trimmings came to a close and “Boxing Day” was upon us. Boxing Day is a holiday for most Canadians.  It’s the day after Christmas where we enjoy time with family and friends and drop in at afternoon gatherings to sip on eggnog and peruse all of the lovely gifts exchanged.  And, retailers typically offer deep discounts on this day, if one chooses to engage in even more shopping, weaving their way through crowds of sale-driven shoppers . . . . perhaps with money received from Santa.

Boxing Day origins, or even the meaning of the holiday is not clearly understood.  Apparently, historically, employers would provide workers with a “Christmas box” or gift in appreciation of their services, the day after Christmas, hence, the term, “Boxing Day!”  I’ve often thought the name was derived from consolidating all of the boxes or gift packages, and storing the boxes for next year’s presents.  

Garnishing your table for the holiday season, can be inspired by marrying your current colours with turquoise blue, metallic, pearlescent, coral or traditional reds. Let yourself experiment!

With the arrival of Boxing Day, holiday festivities are well underway and New Year’s is just waiting to be celebrated.  Cheers!

Colourfully yours,




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