Baby Names Get More Colorful in 2015

by Erika Woelfel

At BEHR, we love all of our colors for different reasons. Each and every one is named with a lot of love and consideration, just like children! These days, names for paint colors and babies are getting more varied and unique, as evidenced by the latest statistics from BabyCenter.com. Among the biggest trends? Names inspired by Instagram filters, hit novels, and royalty.

We explored our assortment of more than 1,600 paint colors and found that several of this year’s trending names showed up in paint color names: Luxe Lilac (Lux), Royal Peacock (Royalty) and Blue Willow (Willow), to name a few. Classic favorites are also represented in paint, like Sofisticata (Sofia topped this year’s list of girl’s names), and Bella Mia (Mia and Isabella, the fifth and sixth most popular girl’s names, respectively).


At BEHR, we recommend putting the same colorful creativity to work when designing your new baby’s nursery. If you’re looking for a hue outside the traditional pink and blue color schemes, we recommend selecting a vivid, clean color like Jade Mist or Lily Pads, inspired by two chart-topping names, Jayden and Lily.

What was your nursery décor inspiration? Visit us on Facebook and share a photo of your baby’s colorful room and tell us why you picked it! We’ll share our favorites on Pinterest.

To search our color library for your name, visit BEHR.com and type your name (first, middle or last) in the upper right hand corner. Let us know what similarities you find!

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