Ask Erika: Winnie

by Erika Woelfel

Colorfully, Behr reader Winnie asked us about painting an accent wall. Read Erika’s advice below!

What is the best color for an accent wall? My table is oak and I have beige leather chairs.




Hi Winnie,

Thank you for your interest in BEHR paint products!

When it comes to accent walls you really need to take cues from accent colors that you are using currently in your home.  Generally it is a good idea to take a color that is throughout a room used in accessories such as pillows, vases, art, etc and pick a wall to accent with the same color which will unify the statement.

I have picked a few different colors that you might want to consider for an accent wall, it really depends on your preference.  They are Oregano Spice PPU9-23, Lima Green PPU10-7, Antique Earth PPU5-3, Maple Glaze PPU3-16 and Flaming Torch PPU3-3.



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