Ask Erika: Sharon

by Erika Woelfel

Colorfully, Behr reader Sharon asked us coordinating khaki colors for her remodel project. Read Erika’s advice below! 

I’m remodeling a older home with oak floors and would like help picking a khaki color or a taupe. The house is kind of dark, not much natural light. I need two coordinating shades for one room – it has wains coating on the bottom. I like Roman Plaster, Winter Garden, Rainforest Dew and Ground Ginger but you know what is in style and what goes together. I would love some suggestions.

Thank you!



Hi Sharon,

Thanks for writing in, I’m happy to help you get started on picking two coordinating khaki for your rooms.

Rainforest Dew and Ground Ginger have a slight green cast to them and would be considered khaki-green. I might steer away from these if the rooms you are speaking of don’t get much light.

Winter Garden is a warmer golden khaki color. It would look lovely with Ivory Lace PPU7-15 as a lighter contrasting hue.

Roman Plaster is a true neutral khaki. It would coordinate well with Silky White PPU7-12 .

Baja is another of my favorite khakis. It would coordinate with Cotton Knit PPU7-11.


Colorfully yours,


2 responses to “Ask Erika: Sharon”

  1. Reyna Flores says:

    Hi Erika, what is the golden tan color used on the room in the picture above?
    The image download says “Hero”, but I can’t find Behr Hero paint color anywhere. I’m looking for examples of sold gold and tan colors for my mom to paint her bathroom and kitchen. Lavish Gold is an option but I’d like a lighter option like in the picture on this post. We’re painting in 2 days! Please help asap. Thank you!

    • Quinn Larson says:

      Hey Reyna,

      The yellow color painted on the walls in that room is Pyramid Gold PPU6-04. Some additional lighter gold selections: Natural Twine S310-3, Royal Gold M280-4 and Harmonious Gold M300-3.

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