Ask Erika: Michelle

by Erika Woelfel

Colorfully, Behr reader Michelle asked us about painting her home’s interior. Read Erika’s advice below!

I am trying to match paint with my floor tile for my home’s interior. There is little natural light and the room is north facing. Which paint colors will help brighten my home? Additionally, could you recommend matching white trim and a shade darker and lighter for painting different walls in the room?




Hi Michelle,

Thank you for contacting me with your question!

Paint color will be key to brightening your room, but even using pale colors needs some thought. Light from the north is cool and brings out any underlying chilly tones in your paint color.

To combat the chill go for lighter tones, white, cream and warm gray tones, but remember not all neutrals are the same. Avoid ones that have green or gray undertones as the cold north light will bring this out. Look for colors instead with a yellow or creamy base. Paint your walls with the lightest color, and highlight it with slightly darker trim to create a feeling of space and light.

Consider what sheen of paint you buy too. Flat finishes will tend to absorb natural light whereas lighter, glossier paints will reflect it, so I would recommend at least an eggshell or a satin paint finish if your walls are in good condition.  Using a higher sheen can also work in a negative way by highlighting any imperfections or texture in the wall.

The following is a list of paint colors you may want to consider that are neutral and should coordinate well with your flooring.  First for the wall, Polished Pearl PPU6-9 and trim Antique White 1823, second is Natural Almond PPU4-12 for the walls and Mushroom Bisque PPU4-7 for the trim and the third and option is Ballet White PPU3-4 for the walls and Arabian Sands 280E-2 for the trim.



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