Ask Erika: John

by Erika Woelfel

Colorfully, Behr reader John asked us about painting the exterior of his home. Read Erika’s advice below! 

I am planning on painting my home’s exterior Manhattan Mist 760E-2U and my shutters Igloo 760E-1U. Can you suggest some exterior trim colors that are close to burgundy? Additionally, about how many gallons of Manhattan Mist 760E-2U are needed for two coats on the exterior of a house?




Hi John,

Take a look at the Ultra color – Formal Maroon PPU1-14. This may be the blue-based burgundy you are looking for and will work well with light gray Manhattan Mist. There is also a color called Wine Tasting S-H-100 that will go with Manhattan Mist. It is a little brighter and may require multiple coats to achieve the color seen on the chips.


Two coats of Ultra will give you terrific coverage and a beautiful finished look. Typical paint covers 350 square feet. If there is a wall texture, a little less. I estimate your project may take anywhere from 20 -25 gallons, depending also on how many doors or windows you have on the house.

Behr customer care department can give you more exact specs if you still have questions about the amounts needed for products being used on your project: 1-800-661-1591 x2

Let me know if you have any more questions, I’m happy to help!

Colorfully yours,



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