Ask an Expert- Elegant Dining Room

by Deanna Torrez

An inquiry came in from a reader named Jan who is in search of some graceful, bold, chic colors for her large dining room with a cozy fireplace.

Hello Color experts! I have a rather large dining room with a fireplace and I would like to know what elegant and bold color will look nice with dark hardwood floors, and dark dining table set. Also my fireplace is a current BEHR color Swiss Coffee!

Thank you,



Hello Jan, Thank you for being a BEHR Fan! We will be happy to help you on your painting project! Since you would like more of an elegant and bold color I will highly recommend these beautiful classy tones to compliment your dark wood and your Swiss Coffee fireplace.


As a final note please keep in mind, Due to differences in monitors and technical factors, the colors here cannot be represented with their true qualities. These color samples should only be considered a guide. Please refer to actual swatches for true color. We strongly recommend beginning with an 8 oz. sample container of the color you choose and apply it to a small area on your wall to ensure your satisfaction with the color choice. It is always a good idea to see how the light and ambient conditions affect the color at different points in the day.

Thank you for taking the time to email us and we wish you well in all your future paint projects.

Colorfully Yours,



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