Ask A Color Expert- The Game Room

by Deanna Torrez

Hello Color Experts!

My name is Nathan, I am a thirty-one year old bachelor who just bought a house. Being that I do not have a family of my own, yet, I would like to turn my family room into a game room where I can invite friends over to have fun and hangout. I need help with paint options! I have a chair rail, baseboards and molding in the room. So I would like some type of white and perhaps a dark blue/coastal color to make it nautical. Thank you!


Thank you for your interest in BEHR paint and congratulations on your new home purchase!

I’m delighted to pull together a combination for your game room. Below are suggestions for masculine blue tones that impart a nautical feel. Please take a look at Catalina Coast PPU13-3, Shipyard S500-6, and Superior Blue S490-7. As for your chair rail, baseboard and crown molding, I recommend a neutral white such as Swiss Coffee 12.


Catalina Coast PPU13-3, Shipyard S500-6, Superior Blue S490-7 and Swiss Coffee

Colorfully Yours,


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