All Knitted Up

by Erika Woelfel

At the drop of a hat (and yes, I’ll take any excuse to wear a hat…) I’m ready to pull out the fall ward robe complete with tall boots, leather jackets and of course, some favorite scarves and sweaters. When the first chill of fall hits, I’m all in for the knits!

Years ago I lived in an area where there were several boutiques selling skeins of local hand-made, hand-dyed wool yarns. It didn’t matter what time of year it was – the outside temp could have been a sweltering 100 degrees – it was always a good time to peruse the yarn shop. The shelves and bins beckoned with colorful fibers and were irresistible to touch. Knitting became an obsession. I became quite good at picking up a set of needles and within hours (or at least the duration of a couple movies) having a colorful new scarf to wear. There was was nothing more satisfying for me than seeing a ball of yarn transformed into a wearable accessory. Soon I had too many scarfs and I was giving them away as presents for nearly every occasion. I knew it was time to stop when the look on my friend’s faces was something that registered between disbelief and Not another one!

Sigh. That skill went along the wayside after moving to a warmer clime where there was no need to bundle up in November. So now I wistfully peruse the blogs and magazines looking at the innovative seasonal knits.

While it may be too soon for big, heavy-duty winter sweaters, it isn’t too soon for chunky knits in scarves, headbands and hats. The colors so far this season are timeless gray and comfortable brown with the added twist of lime, sporty orange and vibrant yellow. Peachy pastels add a light note to keep the season from feeling to somber.

Find your perfect match.

Scarves get all the attention.

Colorfully yours,



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