A Space of My Own

by Quinn Larson

Let’s face it – teenagers these days are pretty savvy when it comes to communicating and expressing themselves. They have an eye for style and often know just how they want to decorate their rooms. As a parent, you want your kid’s space to be one where they will actually enjoy spending some time. Whether it’s doing homework, hanging out with friends or just getting a good night’s sleep, a teenager’s room should make a statement about who they are.

Decorating a kid’s room is also a great collaboration project. Creating designer boards allows you to gather paint chips, fabrics and photos to set up a theme. Pinterest is a great tool to help with this as well! You can also set a budget with your teen and agree on which pieces can be swapped out and which stay. Major items like a new bed, desk or dresser might be the first objects to be decided upon. Add fun with less expensive, trendy accessories like throw pillows, funky lamps and bold bedding. These items are more easily replaced when a child outgrows them or when a new look comes along.

Paint allows for the biggest and fastest overall change in a teen’s bedroom. It

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is helpful to tell kids that the small swatches usually look darker when painted in a larger proportion on the wall. It is easiest to sometimes go a shade or two lighter on the stripe card sample to find the right color. 8 oz. sample jars are another great way for testing several different colors: Paint several colors on the wall in 2 ft. squares. Let your child pick their favorite. Don’t be afraid to go for two or even three different colors on the walls! With your guidance, this is their chance to explore creativity in a room setting.

Following are a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless…

Your little cowboy decided he wants to be video game designer or become a professional skateboarder. Boys rooms can easily go beyond the traditional blue, tan and forest green to some edgier alternatives:

on the walls. Grays on the floor and furniture keep everything grounded.

Is your rock and roll teenager asking for a black room? Not a problem. Paint one wall black, and balance it with a lighter color on the other four walls. Bold graphic stripes in an accent color make the wall more interesting by giving the appearance of direction and movement.

Navy blue, gray and orange define a sporty look for this boy’s room.

It happens every day: Your little girl outgrew her bubble gum pink and lavender room, Now your teenage daughter wants to make a style and fashion statement. Colorful bedding offers excellent cues for finding the perfect shade for walls. Look through the closet as well- favorite colors in the closet can look good in the color scheme as well. Remember, paint is easy enough to change in a few years when she moves on to another fabulous color trend!

Eclectic décor never looked better in a combination of aqua, bold green and pink. Painted walls, furniture and picture frames add to the bohemian vibe.

Purple passion!

Bold pink can go from girlie to grown-up when paired with light taupe-gray. Black accents in picture frames and small furniture pieces add to the sophistication.

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