A Melting Trend

by Erika Woelfel

Pushing materials to their limits is something artists and designers do to stay at the cutting edge of their craft. We saw examples of this at the 100% Design show in a special decorative effects exhibit. The melting trend is a way of taking everyday, recognizable objects and modifying them to achieve a partially melted or distorted look. The result was a stylized, sculptural and bordered on the otherworldly.

Plastic, latex, resin, glass, wax and even fabrics like felted wool are first heated and then coiled and layered into new forms. The resulting surfaces are sometimes glossy, sometimes rough, other times lava-like. Sometimes objects appeared crushed or granulated. Colors are swirled and marbled, opaque or transparent. The process was applied to avant garde jewelry and household objects like lamps, vases and decorative bowls.


Just in time for Halloween. Not the prettiest, but it is unique.

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