1 Gallon Projects

by Quinn Larson

Have a gallon of paint and looking for some purpose?  Consider the below five projects that can be done with one gallon.

Unleash your inner artist and accent!

Accent walls are an easy and low risk ways to add color into your space.

Click here for colors used

Spice up your kitchen.

Grab a brush and paint a color, or fresh coat of white, to renew and excite dated or damaged looking cabinets.

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Perfect that powder room.

Select a shade lighter or darker than your current wall color and roll on some stripes.

Click here for colors used

Stunning ceilings.

Using a color on your ceiling can actually help alter the dimensions of your room- expanding or reducing the perception of height.

Click here for colors used

Color your trim

Using a color in place of a white will bring home the feel and sophisticated look of many design styles.

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